We provide quality products with superior value

We are a full service sales representative agency for multiple categories.

We bring expertise in the licensing field and sourcing of products on a global network.


Most sales representatives align themselves with manufacturers that sell directly to the retailers, whether it is FOB China or domestic (if it’s a USA manufacturer, they possibly have warehousing)

Two Skies offers a service to our manufacturers which is extremely unique.

1 - We are partnered with a distribution company in the USA which has been in business for 39 years, (established in 1981).

2 - We have a Dun and Bradstreet rating that is extremely high, and we maintain a high Payex score. The all-important supplier evaluation rating (SER) score which as of today stands at the best possible score of 1 (a minimum score of six is required for shipping Walmart).

3 - We have vendor numbers for a good portion of the USA retailers, which in most cases alleviates the long timetables of any set ups for new vendor numbers.

4 - Our distributor is also factored, so funds are disbursed within five days of major orders being shipped to the retailers, which provides our sales team an advantage, as they are compensated immediately after PO’s ship.

5 – The factor also acts as a credit checker and bill collector. Businesses prioritize payments to a financial institution over a supplier, and as a result our accounts receivable aging report is exceptionally clean and favorable. Bad debt right offs are almost at a minimum when dealing through a reliable factor.

6 - We have full support of an administrative team and a logistics team that is completely experienced in servicing most major retailers.

7 - Our product liability insurance has relationships that are many years long and are performing with Mesa underwriters.

8 - We carry multiple categories, so we are not focused on just one division in a retailer, but in most cases we are selling and shipping multiple departments.

9 – Our products are exclusive, and already winners in many countries through out the world.

These are all justifications that working with Two Skies is a component for a winning formula.


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Our mission is to provide quality products with superior value. We listen to our customers and our manufacturers. We observe the world in which they live in and provide them with new trends for items across multiple categories. We are passionate about the companies we represent and the trends and innovative products that they develop and create. We are always in search of incredible ideas and we aspire to deliver these extraordinary new products to each and every marketplace.


Integrity: We operate with integrity and high ethical standards and in all that we endeavor.
Work Ethic: Diligence and persistence are fundamental to every aspect of our business. We work extremely hard in these challenging times.
Goal Oriented: We remain focused on maintaining profitable growth and to expand areas of distribution for our manufacturers.
Detail Oriented: We recognize that the small issues need much attention, and then the larger things will take care of themselves.


Our goal is to be a leader in providing increased distribution for our manufacturers by listening to our manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Profits and Structure in highly organized systems will create success. We strive to inspire our customer base with the products they were not aware of, and they never knew they needed or existed. However, once they have had a penchant for our products then they can’t comprehend existing without them.


We are a full service sales representative agency for multiple categories.

Our areas of expertise are all varieties of toys & Games (educational, outdoor, games, novelty, plush, figures and collectible, etc.), Stationery, Sporting Goods, apparel, and accessories, assorted medical and health & Beauty supplies, bath, housewares and pet products.

Our goal is to help manufacturers grow in multiple areas of distribution.

We have extensive experience in sales and merchandising, as well as our expansive and varied relationships in the industry which benefits the customers and the manufacturers we represent.

We bring expertise in the licensing field and sourcing of products on a global network.

We have experience with retailers throughout the United States. We also have a vast knowledge of distributors throughout USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Australia.

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